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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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12-25-2007 7:18 PM -- By: Helene Kelly,Krista'sMom4ever,  From: Pennsylvania  

Joey, Thinking of you and wishing you a merry Christmas in heaven. Send your mom some angel kisses tonight. She loves & misses you so much.

12-25-2007 9:58 AM -- By: Shelley, Amy's Mom,  From: FL, CT, RI  

Terrie, wishing you a peaceful holiday season with lots of signs from your handsome son Joey. I hope you feel his spirit close by and it brings you some solace.

I know these days are hard for all of us and I am grateful that the holidays are almost over....

Love, Shelley

12-25-2007 9:20 AM -- By: martha oliver,  From: Louisville Kentucky  

Merry Christmas Joey. I hope you are having a good time celebrating Jesus's Birthday with mom, dad and all Virtual Memorial Family. Love, Martha

12-25-2007 12:28 AM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From:  

Joey, Merry Christmas to you and all our angels in Heaven! God bless you all. Donna-Corey's Mom

12-24-2007 10:19 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: Mars!!  

Hey Joey, I was just wondering if maybe you could send your mom some angels kisses? she misses you and loves you soo much!

12-24-2007 6:45 PM -- By: Natalie M. Camp,  From:  

Joey, I hope that you have an amazing Christmas in Heaven and get everything that your sweet heart desires. I know that it is so much more than we can ever imagine it could be. Send your wonderful mom lots of Christmas kisses tomorrow. She misses you so much and she does such a great job helping us get to know you. I know your handsome smile is lighting the Heavens for us each night. Love to you and all our Angels in Heaven, Natalie

Natalie M. Camp, Mommy to Angels Anthony Paul Wodzinski in Heaven & Destiny Kristen Wodzinski on Earth

12-24-2007 12:30 PM -- By: Kathy, mom of Amanda Rose,  From: Kentucky  

Joey, I hope you have met my Angel, Amanda Rose. Please send your Mom lots of signs so she knows how much you love her. I can tell by your website you are very loved and missed.

12-23-2007 1:37 PM -- By: Andi,  From:  

Hello beautiful Joey.. And his wonderful Mom Terrie.. I wanted to stop by and wish you a Very Merry Christmas.. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.. Andi Christopher's Mom

12-18-2007 8:32 AM -- By: Joan-mom of Angel Becky Vidmosko,  From:  

Joey, Merry Christmas in Heaven sweetheart! Your mom has done such a wonderful job keeping your memory alive. The Christmas page is great- you must be so proud of her. Keep your Angel wings wrapped around her- she loves and misses you so much! Give Becky a big ((hug)) and kiss for me ok? Love you sweetie!

12-14-2007 3:05 PM -- By: alexis,  From: omaha steaks  

he is safe now.

12-13-2007 5:04 PM -- By: Natalie,  From:  

Joey, I had to stop by and see your handsome face and to tell you what an amazing job your mom is doing on your site. It is absolutely stunning. Of course, I know you already know that. You can see everything now. I am glad that you can and were watching over JM the other day. Your mom is too special to have anymore pain and suffering right now. She misses you alot you know. She writes to us about you every day. She lifts alot of us up too. I know you are proud of her for that. Please keep sending her signs and being an inspiration for her to continue to write her beautiful poems and help others. Enjoy your eternal life in the light. You and Anthony be waiting for me and your mom when we get there. I can't wait to meet you!!!! Love, Natalie ps. If you heard about our wanting to meet you guys on the clouds, let us know if you can work something out, if only in our dreams!!

12-13-2007 2:50 PM -- By: Marcia Lesser Ostroff,  From: Mantua, New Jersey  

Terrie, Norma (Burak) sent me your site. So sorry for your loss. Do you remember back in the day when we were friends?

Let me hear from you.


12-12-2007 7:01 PM -- By: Cathy Touchstone,  From: Port Richey, Fl.  

Merry Christmas Joey,With tears in my eyes, I just read your Christmas website. Your Mom loves you so much. I hope you are happy, and look forward to meeting you one day.

Love, Cathy

12-11-2007 6:18 PM -- By: Jeri,  From: South Dakota  

Dear Joey, I know you and Jessii try and let your moms know you are near. We need some extra signs this time of year. You mom misses you so, so please remember my dear. Handsome heavenly young man we miss you down here.

12-10-2007 9:13 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, PA  

Hi Joey, Merry Christmas in Heaven to You. Just stopped by to view the Awesome Christmas Pages Your Dear Mom has Created for You with so much Love from Her Mom Heart. Please send her a Sign of Your Love for Christmas, and let her know You are with Her Always. Tell my Brian and Tim I send them Lots of Hugs too. I am sure Your All will have an Awesome Christmas, while Your Mom and me are missing You down here. Terrie the Christmas Pages In Memory of Your Sweet Son Joey are so Awesome and Wonderful. Thank you for sharing Them with me. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Boy Joey (((((((Terrie and Joey))))) Love and Prayers, your GP friend, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Joey) and Sean on Earth.

12-08-2007 9:43 PM -- By: Arlene,  From: N.J.  

Joey - just stopping by to visit your memorial site once again. I know how difficult this time of the year is for your Mom. Please stay close by her and let her know you're with her every second of every day. Christmas is the season of peace and joy, but for grieving Moms, it also brings the sadness of missing our child. Thinking of you and your Mom. (Give Dan a hug for me, will you?) Lotsa love, Arlene Dans4everMom

12-08-2007 6:53 PM -- By: Pamela Coffey,  From: Lee's Summit MO  

Hi Terrie,

Just visiting missing our children, thinking of you. Your site gives me comfort somehow, I love the Christmas addition, the song Blue Chirstmas is my theme also and will be till I die, it is my way of putting it on for the rest of my family yet grieving for Garett. My main decor is BLUE like my mood. Love, Pam

12-07-2007 9:52 AM -- By: Pat,  From: Harleysville  

Hi; what a beautiful web site, have not met you personally, but I know that you are a special person/ Joey was blessed to have a beautiful Mom as you were.

God Bless Pat

12-06-2007 3:57 PM -- By: Pamela Coffey,  From: Missouri  

Hi, Just thinking of you Terrie and Joey, wanted to say thanks for including Garett with your sweet boy. I love the story of his brother missing a piece of chicken and the lights flickering. You know it was Joey. Sending my love, Pam

12-05-2007 9:29 PM -- By: aunt susan,  From: florida  

joey's life remains in our hearts..I know he want us to work hard to finish what has been put in front of us as long as we are supposed to be here..Joey did.now, we have to live our lives.this is the most important job we have.

12-05-2007 5:49 PM -- By: Sylvia Vaughn,  From: Elkmont , Alabama  

Joey , I've just spent an hour or so with you on your beautiful new Christmas 2007 page . I can see all the love and time spent making it as wonderful as it is . Know that your sweet Mom loves you so very much and visit her in her dreams , as that will make a wonderful Christmas gift of love . Merry Christmas sweet Joey . Love Sylvia ~ Tony's Mom

12-05-2007 11:20 AM -- By: Jessica Cruz,  From:  

Hi Terrie, I love your Christmas page with all the love you showed and hard work!! It is so evident within this site. I know Joey loves his site.Take Care-

12-05-2007 12:38 AM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001,  From: Arizona  


I LOVE your special Christmas page. Your mom did a wonderful job honoring you. I know that you are very proud of her. Yes, Joey, our Christmas will be blue. Thank you for being Luke's friend in heaven. Take care sweetie, and we will see you boys soon.


Christine, Luke's Mom

12-04-2007 10:00 PM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From:  

Awesome Christmas page for Joey!!!

(((TERRIE))) (((JOEY)))

12-04-2007 9:08 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Hi Joey, your Mom did such a beautiful job on your 2007 Christmas page. I know you are having a wonderful celebration in Heaven! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah Joey!

Love, Susan

12-03-2007 6:33 PM -- By: lindaschiro,  From: statenisland Ny  

Merry Christmas to you angel Joey. I love you name. I have a Joey too. bet your best friends. You look just like your mom Joey. i love those dimples. and that smile. tears. Always know Joey you live our hearts and minds. We keep you alive with us. One day we will all meet . and God wont that be great Joey. Have apeaceful holiday in heaven and stay close to MOM. love you Joey. lindajoeysmom

12-02-2007 5:10 PM -- By: Marv Conover,  From: Upstate, NY  

Joey, Although we've never met I feel like I know you through your mom and this beautiful web site she has created in your memory. Like her, I also wonder why things happen the way they do. Some things just flat don't make any sense. But, I believe one day all will be revealed to us and we'll all be together again.

11-29-2007 1:58 PM -- By: lindaschiro,  From: statenisland Ny  

Hi My Joey. just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas in heaven . i know you are with my son Joey and all your angel friends. god how we miss our sons. You mom is great Joey. I Love her so much. wish i lived closer to her so we can visit. She has given you so much in making your memorial . know i love you too. and God one day we will all be together. Stay close to MOM. shes great. lindajoeysom

11-24-2007 8:27 PM -- By: Dianna Jacobs,  From: Flora, Illinois  

Hello Terrie, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son, Joey. WOW, how cute he is.

I have added Joey's Memorial Website to our local bereavment website and to my daughter, Kanda's website.

You have created an amazing Memorial Website In Memory of Your Joey, I know he is so very proud of you.

Losing a child is beyone words, we bereaved parents struggle every day just to get through to the next day, for sure.

My biggest hugs to you and family Dianna Kanda's Mom4ever, Kanda Forever 30

11-21-2007 5:30 PM -- By: Andi,  From: Tx  

Hi sweet Terrie, I just wanted to stop by and tell you and your sweet Joey Hello and wish you both a Happy Thanksgiving. I love you both sweet friend. Andi Christopher's mom


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