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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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09-03-2007 8:13 PM -- By: Helene,  From: PA  

Dear Terrie,

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and remembering your Joey with you today on the anniversary of his heaven day.

Did you go to the park and release balloons today or are you going to do that on Joey's birthday?

Take care.

Love, Helene & Krista

09-03-2007 8:12 PM -- By: Gail,  From: GP  


Thinking of you and Joey today. I appreciate all your support and thoughts in the group. I'm sure Joey is very proud.

Gail Kristin's momma "forever"

09-03-2007 7:49 PM -- By: Edie Albarado,  From: Louisiana  

Hello Joey, You mom is taking this year very hard. If you can send her some of your heavenly signs, let her know that you are near to her. Well, I just wanted to come see that handsome face of yours, and tell you that you are so loved and missed by so many. Love, Edie(Mom of Jason Hilton)

09-03-2007 4:20 PM -- By: Karen,  From: GP  

Dear Terrie Wishing you a gentle Day filled with precious memories of your beloved Joey. May you always be surrounded by his loving spirit. All the best, to you and yours, here and there, Tender Blessings, Karen, Sean's Mom

09-03-2007 4:11 PM -- By: Rita,  From: GP  

Joey, Hey handsome, I know you are having a wonderful day in heaven, Your Mom is missing you terribly, so if you can, send some warm fuzzy heavenly hugs to her today. (and quit messing with the calendar) Tell all in heaven hello for me.

Rita, Josh's Mom

09-03-2007 1:38 PM -- By: Joan-mom of Angel,  From: GP  

Joey, thinking of you with love and keeping you & your mom in my heart always! Send her lots of ((hugs)) and kisses- she misses you so much!! Love.. Joan

09-03-2007 1:07 PM -- By: Linda Schiro,  From: New York  

Terrie, You know I'm thinking of you and Joey. My heart is broken for all of us.

Love, Linda (Joey's Mom)

09-03-2007 12:44 PM -- By: Shelley T.,  From: GP  

Terrie, I am so sorry for your anguish & pain & sadness today, as well as most days. I hope he is close by and giving you strength. I have lit a Yartzeit candle for him today in honor & celebration of his life and his love. May your day be filled with those precious memories and hopefully, it will bring some peace to your mind. I'm here for you. Love Shelley (Amy's Mom)

09-03-2007 12:41 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Thinking of you today with love, Joey, on this day that brings so much pain to those who love you so very much. Please make sure you send lots of extra angel hugs and kisses to your sweet Mom today. God bless you and keep you in His tender loving care, today, tomorrow and always.

Love, Susan

09-03-2007 12:25 PM -- By: Shari Greer,  From: Canada,BC  

I have a candle lit in Joey's memory. I pray your day is filled with memories that make you smile.

(((((((TERRIE & JOEY )))))))

Love, Shari

09-03-2007 12:08 PM -- By: Joyce Frietas,  From: Maine  

Dear Terrie, I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today on your Joey's heaven Day. May your day be filled with peace and love and beautiful memories of your precious son Joey. I'm sending you the following poem to help you through the day. Big hugs to you Terrie and God bless. Joyce Freitas

My Love Is With You My love is with you Oh, sweet son, what can I say? My heart is empty without you each day. The angel wings you wear must be so grand, If only I could reach out and touch your hand. Maybe then we could say good-bye Which could help dry the tears that I cry. Now I know that's impossible for us to do, So let's make a deal, just me and you. When I look to the stars at night, You look for me with all your might. When you see me just shine real bright, And together we can send our love and say good night. I miss you, son, more every day, And the emptiness I feel will not go away. You are my son and will always be, My angel in heaven looking down on me. You will live in my heart, And I will try to be strong, Because, my son, in my heart is where you belong. I love you, son, sleep well, my son. author unknown


09-03-2007 12:07 PM -- By: Jean, John's mom,  From: GP  


I am lighting the candle to honor your belobed son Joey. Sending you prayers and thoughts of comfort and peace to you and your f family.


Jean, John's mom

09-03-2007 12:06 PM -- By: Natalie Camp,  From: GP  

Terrie, I would be honored if you would allow me to release a balloon for Joey on his days. If it is okay, just let me know what colors he liked and a comment or two that you would like me to attach to the balloon. Love, Natalie

09-03-2007 12:05 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer,  From: Alabama  

Dear Terrie ((Joey))

Wishing you a day of peace and blessings and many a sign from your beautiful Angel Joey on his Heaven anniversary tomorrow. Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Bless you!

Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever

09-03-2007 12:03 PM -- By: Julie Burt,  From: GP  

Hi Terrie,

I just wanted to send you a little note to tell you that you and Joey will be kept close to my heart with tomorrow being Sept. 3. Keep wonderful memories of Joey and his life fresh in everyone's mind. I think it is up to us mom's (and dad's too) to never let this world forget that our child was here. That they were loved. And that they are missed so much. Take care. Love, Julie.......mom to Robby

09-03-2007 12:02 PM -- By: Karyl Beale,  From: Tennesse  


I will be holding you and Joey in my heart and prayers on Monday. I know how difficult memorial dates can be.

Love and peace, Karyl, mother of Arlyn ~ Arlyn ~

09-03-2007 12:01 PM -- By: Vitaliy,  From: GP  


My thoughts to you on Joey's memorial day. I am very sorry of your loss of your beautiful and special son. What I have read of him, on here and your site, he was so very full of the life. He is someone I would liked to meet. I hope you can recall the good and loving memories with him, and it is not so much a day of pain to you. >Vitaliy Olya's father

09-03-2007 12:00 PM -- By: Teresa Mc Bride,  From: GP  

Terrie, Sending you and Joey love,prayers and warm wishes on Joey's Angel Day.I hope this note finds you and your family well or as well as can be. I'm sure Aaron and Kenzie are with Joey along with all of the other precious GP Angels. What an awesome sight that must be. If only we could see !!! I tried a couple of times to leave a message on Joey's site but it wouldn't let me. I will try again soon. I truly do pray that on Joey's day you will find peace in your heart, your body and your soul. Love to you and your family,

Teresa McBride Aaron's Golden & Kenzie Golden Roden's Mom

09-03-2007 11:58 AM -- By: Sylvia,  From: Alabama  

(((( Terrie ~ Joey))))

Wishing you a day of peace and blessings and many a sign from your Angel Joey on his Angelversary . Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers..Much Love .. Sylvia ~ Tony's Mom

09-03-2007 11:57 AM -- By: Jeri Hafer,  From: South Dakota  


I have not found the words that can express my feelings today. What words could possible ease the pain or fill the emptiness. I can not think of any really. I can tell you how sorry I am, however you already know that. I can tell you that as I sit here I am thinking of Joey, and I am, yet you are the one left behind and missing your beloved son. I do pray that you are given a sign to let you know that he is still with you. That as alone as you may feel you are not alone and a spiritual hug is being sent your way. Please accept it as it sent with love and caring.

Jeri H.

09-03-2007 11:56 AM -- By: Jean,  From: GP  

Dear Terrie,

Thinking of you and remembering your beloved Joey on the anniversary of his heaven day today. Peace and comfort to you.

Jean, John's mom

09-03-2007 11:55 AM -- By: Kay Floren,  From: Florida  


Huge hugs to you and dear Joey on his angel day anniversary. Do you have anything planned today? I know it is so hard with his birthday just around the corner too. Let us know what that boy is up to today. He always pulls through with something special to let you know he is close by during these difficult days for you.

Much love to you and your Joey,

Kay, Luke's Mom

09-03-2007 11:54 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City,Pa.  

Hi Terrie, Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Son Joey, Today, His Angel Anniversary Date in Heaven. I know how hard today is for You. You are in my Thoughts and Prayers Today and Always. Hope Today will be a Peaceful Day for You, filled with Memories of Happy Times You had with Your Sweet Boy Joey, as he watches over You her Special Angel Mom from Heaven, Today and Always. I am sure Joey has become a Good Friend to Brian and Tim, and they to him. What are You doing today In Memory of Your Sweet Son? Are You cooking Chocolate Chip Cookies that he liked? I will be going to Joey's Mem Book and Signing the Guestbook in His Memory. Take Care my Sweet Friend and have a Blessed Day. (((((((Terrie & Joey))))))) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Joey) and Sean on Earth. (The Gifts from the GP Girls are Beautiful, and shows what a Special Angel Mom You are and how much they love Your Sweet Son Joey.)

09-03-2007 11:53 AM -- By: Christine Ross,  From: Arizona  

03 D Joseph Marshall Whiteman ~ Terrie

Thinking of you and remembering your angel's anniversary. Wishing things were different. For a special message go to the address below:

09-03-2007 11:49 AM -- By: Lyndie Sorenson,  From: Florida  

((((Terrie)))) Nothing I say can ease your pain today without your son here to share your life with you. I will shed tears with you, I will have my candle lit for you and your precious son, and I will ask that Joey come to you for he is truly the only one that can lighten your broken heart today. Sending you all my love and comfort. I understand and care Much love Lyndie Joey and Joey heavenly buddies

09-03-2007 11:46 AM -- By: Christine Ross,  From: Arizona  

I am so sorry that your sweet boy died. I will keep you both close in thought and prayer today. Take care my friend. Love to you and your sweet, sweet JOEY, Luke's 21 buddy in heaven.

Christine, Luke's Mom...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (Luke Skywalker and Luke, sky... walker)

09-03-2007 11:39 AM -- By: Patty J.,  From: GP  


I pray that so many good memories of Joey will fill your heart today, they will leave no room for the sad ones to come in.


Patty J Allen's Mom

09-03-2007 10:09 AM -- By: Maureen, Danny's Mom,  From: PA  

Thinking of you dear Joey and your Mom, Dad, JM and Heather. Wishing peace to you all.

09-03-2007 9:46 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From: Maryland  

Joey: My heart is so with you and Mom today. I hate that you and Kevin have to share such a tragic day together my friend. Keep your eye on him for me until I get up there. You're the love of your Mom's life just as Kevin is and today is a very difficult day for us. I buried Kevin on September 8th which is your birthday. How handsome you are and I wish that you could be celebrating your 27th birthday down on earth with Mom. Many hugs and kisses to you Joey. Please watch over Mom and give Kevin a big hug and kiss for me today! Love ya always

09-03-2007 8:54 AM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  

Hey Joey! It's one of those days, we're all thinking of you and your dear Mom. I know you'll do all you can to reach out from the heavens and touch your mother's loving heart. Just love visiting your site and seeing all the love your mother has put into your memory. It's just awesome and I know how proud you are of her work. You and Luke really inspire us mothers with your love for music. Keep sending the song ideas, they are a great source of comfort for your Mom and I.

Bless you dear Joey and thanks for stay ever close to your Mom today.

Love, Kay, Luke's Mom


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