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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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04-03-2007 12:42 PM -- By: Linda Lewis,  From: Missouri  

Joey, Just visiting today and looking at all the work and love your mom done to keep your memory alive. She is so very proud of you and with good reason. Wrap her in your precious love and tell Grant his mom missed him so much.

Always, Mom Linda

03-24-2007 11:41 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Wish You Were Here (Poem)

There's a hush upon the world... an overpowering silence

that cannot be broken.

For I will never see your face again

or hear your laughter fill the room

dancing eyes no more to cast their light

upon the darkest day.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

There's an empty place

no one can ever fill.

And from the depths of darkest night

only your light

could ever lead me home again.

Only your special grace

could fulfill the promise of the day.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

I turn amid the bustle of the day,

expecting to see you there.

A fleeting movement,

a glimpse of something familiar,

and my senses are flooded with you.

Shadows flicker in my memory

and slowly disappear.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

~ Unknown Author ~

Happy Easter Beautiful Child in Heaven Joey! Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless You! Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com "Death does not end a Love/relationship, Just how we communicate."

03-19-2007 11:09 PM -- By: Teresa McBride,  From: Sulphur,La.  

Hi Terrie, just stopped in to see your beautiful Angel. I hope your doing O.K. today. Joey's site is beautiful, you've done such a wonderful job. He is a very handsome Angel!!!!!!!! Peace to your Joey, please tell my children their mom says hi and send your wonderful mom tons of kisses and hugs from Heaven.

03-16-2007 10:54 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Beautifl Child in Heaven Joey Happy St Patrick's Day precious Angel. You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow & the ever elusive lucky 4 leaf clover. Shine your glorious light dear sweet Joey. Keep your special Mom embraced in those beautiful, celestial wings of Love, healing & warmth. Your Mom made Heather a beautiful page. How proud you are. Keep the signs and the hugs and kisses coming down like manna from Heaven. Bless You dear child. love you.. Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

03-16-2007 9:02 PM -- By: Loralie,  From: West Deptford, New Jersey  


The photos, poems, and stories of Joey have touched my heart. The love you have for him melts my heart, and also breaks because of your loss. I have never experienced a loss such as yours, i can only imagine. As i cry typing this, God Bless you, continue growing strong.

Much Love, Loralie Lascio

03-16-2007 9:45 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, PA  

Hi Joey, Watch over your Sweet Angel Mom, your Brother JM and your Dad and sister Heather and her Family. Your Mom created a Special Page for your sister Heather in your Mem Book and it is really Special. Please tell my sweet Sons Brian and Tim I said Hi to Them, and if they can send me a Sign on their Angel Date 3/22. Joey try to send your Mom a Sign too. She misses You so very much. She is such a Special Angel Mom, and you must be so proud of her trying to help all of Us Parents of GP who have lost Their Children. Hugs to You and Your Sweet Mom ((((((((((Terrie & Joey)))))))) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Boy Joey) and Sean on Earth.

03-12-2007 12:08 AM -- By: Yvette Leach,  From: Texas  

Hi Terrie,

I'm so glad that I was the one to be able to meet you the night you called. You are such a warm, caring, and special person, just like your baby boy, Joey.

I enjoyed reading about him, reading your poems and feel privileged to be a part of your sharing his life with us, seeing his pictures, and you were absolutely right, he is a looker! :)

You did a beautiful job putting this memorial together for him. Please know that I've been thinking of you since we spoke and I will keep you two in my prayers.

Joey, is with you all of the time, loving you as much as you love him.

If you ever need to talk, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.


You are a lucky guy to have a mom like yours. She's an incredible person who loves you so much. Hopefully, by now you have met my cousin George who we lost when he was just 19. He was an amazing man just like you. I'll think of you often and I'm glad I got the chance to find out what kind of person you are.

hugs Yvette

03-07-2007 12:56 PM -- By: Jessica Cruz,  From: Ohio  

What a beautiful site and a great way to remember Joey. Thank you for writting about his life.

02-27-2007 6:54 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Hi Joey,

Just stopping by to say hello and see your sweet smile. Please send your Mom lots of angel hugs and kisses and please check in on Clint for me, okay?

Love, Susan Clint's Mom

02-27-2007 10:03 AM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  

Thinking of you today Joey.


Christine, Luke's Mom

02-25-2007 10:18 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Beautiful Child in Heaven Joey Shine your glorious light on ALL who love you. Keep your Mom embraced in your celestial wings of LOVE & healing & warmth. "And the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Amen Philippians 4:7 Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

02-25-2007 7:38 PM -- By: LIZ FEARON,  From:  


02-25-2007 7:04 PM -- By: Jeanine,  From: Florida  

I did not know your Joey, but I truly enjoyed reading about him on this memorial site. From the number of loving poems, words, and beautiful photographs, he was very loved by family and friends. Thank you for sharing his story and his life with those of us outside your family.

02-23-2007 6:25 AM -- By: ekeson guyman,  From: lome togo  

nice site i love it keep it up ok

02-21-2007 9:56 PM -- By: Katie,  From: Ohio  

He was called home! Be thankful that you had him for a short time!

02-20-2007 9:42 PM -- By: teresa penland,  From: n.c.  

such a young soul gone from this world.But a handsome man to never be forgotten. this page has touch me more then anyone know for i lost my newborn.I understand the love your parents had for you.God Bless them

02-20-2007 12:44 PM -- By: Angela M. Herman,  From: Toledo, Ohio  

I have read about you and the love that radiates off the page is so beautiful. You were a handsome young man. Prayers are being sent to you and your family.

02-19-2007 8:46 PM -- By: lori burgstahler,  From: arizona  

Joey! Joey, Joey, Joey. Give your momma one of your great big angel wings. Let her feel your arms around her. What a fantastic person you are! What a beautiful boy.....

02-17-2007 8:18 PM -- By: Debbi FosterMurphy,  From: Alabama  

Terry, Thank you for adding Daniel's picture to Joey's Memorial. It looks great. thanks again for being so considerate, and kind.

(((((Hugs))))) Debbi and Daniel

02-16-2007 11:20 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

"Morning Star Which Never sets...Find the Light of CHRIST still burning." There is a Star that stands alone in the sky and shines very brightly in the East, just before the sun comes up. This is called the "Morning Star." Beautiful Child in Heaven Joey Shine bright Love You. Keeping you forever close in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Bless you precious Angel Joey. xo Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

02-16-2007 9:07 PM -- By: Chris Giliberti,  From: New York  

This message is to Mr. Whiteman's family. Just briefly, I wanted to extend my sympathy to you. I'm so sorry for the pain you must've felt or feel still, but I have to hope that you've since found some peace. God bless you for your strength. I'll continue to think of you and Mr. Whiteman.

02-16-2007 10:44 AM -- By: Maureen,  From: PA  

Just thinking about you and your precious family.

02-15-2007 3:20 PM -- By: Taffy Todd,  From: Vermont  

Dear Joey, Three years ago I met your mom. I was not able to have the chance to meet you, but I feel like I have because your Mom loves you so much and has told me about you. Also, I have been to your website many times. I wish you and your Mom a Happy Valentine's day, send her a feather or a penny or something--she'd like that I know. Much love, Taffy Jill and Stuie's mom

02-14-2007 10:49 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Happy Valentines Joey!! All the Angels are having a Valentine's Party at Heaven's Hard Rock Cafe! You go past the moon and stars, straight through the Milky Way, take a right past Orion's Belt, a few clouds down on the left is Cloud 9 (Right outside Heaven's Gates)..You can't miss it.. Calling ALL Angels to Valentine Party! Thanks! I won't be too late Mom I promise! Beautiful Child in Heaven Joey Happy Valentines Sweetheart! Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers! Bless you! Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

02-14-2007 7:32 PM -- By: Valita,  From:  

Happy Valentines Joey, What a page your mom made for you, WOW..... Sending kisses to you and Anthony * *

02-14-2007 7:09 PM -- By: Joan-mom of Angel,  From:  

Happy Valentines Day sweetie!! Sending you ((hugs))--Give Becky a special ((hug)) from me...

02-12-2007 9:57 PM -- By: col,  From:  

hello a while back i was lookign at roccky point memories and i foun this link and ever since ive been torn by this but in the same sense i have been lifted and i live a little better because of his story...thank you for sharing this memorial with me its touched me truly....carry on joey.... ill live for you each day.good luck mother

02-06-2007 2:23 PM -- By: Tiffany,  From: Northern Ca. live in Las Vegas now  

May God Stay With You Through All Of Your Hard Times!You Are A Wonderfulf Mother,And It Shows In This Amazing Website You Have Created For Your Beautiful Baby Joey!!

02-03-2007 9:53 PM -- By: Nancy K. Dolan,  From: Wauseon, Ohio  

Joey, I'm so glad to meet you. I'm sorry that it had to be in this way. You have a wonderful website. I'm sure by this time, you have met my son, Bradley. I know that he will be a wonderful friend to you in Heaven. As a mom who misses her son so very much, I know the pain your mom has in her heart from missing you.

01-19-2007 10:42 PM -- By: Joan-Beckys mom,  From: Arkansas  

Joey, I think of you so often. I know you are with Becky and you are taking care of each other until we can all be together. ((hugs)) sweetheart!!


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