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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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09-10-2006 10:13 AM -- By: Michelle Drury,  From:  

Terrie, My thoughts and prayers are with you today on Joey's birthday.

Happy Birthday Joey!

Peace and Blessings, Michelle Drury---Forever Corrina's Mom

09-10-2006 10:12 AM -- By: Mary Hosty,  From:  

Dear Terrie, Hello dear friend, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you on this special day, to let you know, you & Joey are in my thoughts & prayers.Wishing you a blessed day filled with memories of all the special times you had with your precious Joey. He hasn't left you Terrie, he lives forever in your heart. I am here for you Terrie, right next to you, hand in hand, on this lonely journey of grief, so you just hold on tight.... Blessings, peace hugs, luv Mary C.

09-10-2006 10:11 AM -- By: Lyndie Sorenson,  From:  


09-10-2006 10:10 AM -- By: Kay M,  From:  

Nice poem Terrie - Happy Birthday Joey!....may you celebrate in the celestial heavens with all your other 21 year old buddies!

Many hugs,


09-10-2006 10:09 AM -- By: Joyce Creitin,  From:  

Dear Terrie, I searched my poems to find something special for you today on the eve of Joey's Birthday. I always loved this following poem and hope you do too. I'm also including one of my favorite poems by Christine Ross too. Tomorrow I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully you'll feel your precious son Joey there with you. Special hugs to you my friend.


09-10-2006 10:08 AM -- By: Helene Kelly,  From: Bensalem, PA  

Dear Terrie,

Thinking of you today on your beloved Joey's Birthday. You are in my prayers. Take care.

"Happy 26th Birthday, Joey"

Helene Kelly, mom to Krista Kelly

09-10-2006 10:07 AM -- By: Gail,  From:  

Happy Birthday Joey....send mom some love!!!

Thing of you Terrie today and always

Gail Kristin's momma

09-10-2006 10:06 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From:  


Happy Birthday in Heaven. Send special hugs and kisses to your sweet dear Mom who has helped me through the hardest of times. Love to you Terrie

09-10-2006 10:06 AM -- By: Dani Shanno,  From:  


Dani mom to ^Pauli^

09-10-2006 10:05 AM -- By: Christine Ross,  From:  

WHAT A beautiful honor to your son. Your poem is so heartfelt. I wish you a day of wonderful memories of JOEY.

Christine, Luke's Mom

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (Luke Skywalker and Luke, sky... walker)

09-10-2006 10:03 AM -- By: Shelley,  From: Rocky Hill, CT  

Terrie, sending you best wishes, birthday hugs and starborn kisses on your dear Joey's birthday. You and Joey are in my thoughts and prayers, as they have been since his heaven anniversary a few short days ago. I hope today will be peaceful and full of great memories you had with your beloved son.

Happy Birthday Joey!!


Shelley, Amy's Mom

09-10-2006 3:13 AM -- By: Claudia,  From: Reno  

I know you know I was thinking of you but I also wanted your mom to know......thanks again for sharing her, she is GREAT!!!!!

09-09-2006 11:20 PM -- By: Lynn~ Paul's Mom,  From: Palm Springs, California  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOYEY! May your family be blessed with happy memories and your smile and your special ways.(((((JoeyForever21)))) Love,Lynn~ Paul Buren's Mom 11/28/73 - 8/13/04 Motorcycle Accident

09-09-2006 8:44 AM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From: Indiana  

Happy Birthday Joey!!!

Joyful moments on earth are just that—moments. They seem to end so quickly. In heaven joy is eternal.

God’s time may not be my time, but He is always right on time

Here on earth your birthday is so different now that you went away and is honored in a different way. But remembered always with love and sweet memories. We still wish you were here... you are never far from our hearts and you are thought of often with love.

Terrie, I am sorry this is a day late in letting you know Joey is on my mind and heart. I thought of you all day yesterday on his birthday. He is doing great... how are you? He is not far from you my friend.

09-08-2006 9:32 PM -- By: EDWARD&BARBARA COCKRELL,  From: BROOKLYN N.Y  


09-08-2006 8:56 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer,  From: Salem, AL USA  

Dear Terrie ((Joey)), Warmest wishes and prayers to Joey on his Heaven Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!! What a gala the Angels are having for their Coach! I am so jealous and want to be right in the midst of them! I close my eyes and see the pure beauty and joy your precious Angel brings to those around him, no matter the occasion! How Blessed you are! How my heart breaks for your grief stricken soul as you remember your precious baby's Birthday! i really don't think it gets any easier..just numb~er...in a new & different stage. Peace, prayers, hugs, love, & Blessings to you. Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever (brutally murdered at 17) www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

09-08-2006 4:23 PM -- By: Joan,  From: Rogers,Ar  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! I hope you, Becky and all the other Angels are having a big party today. Send your mom lots of Angel kisses and ((hugs)). She misses you so.....

09-08-2006 1:40 PM -- By: Valita,  From: Oregon  

Joey and Terrie, My thoughts are with you today, as everyday. Happy Birthday Joey!!!! (((HUGS)))

09-08-2006 10:59 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Happy Birthday in Heaven Joey. Watch over Your Mom and send Her a Special Sign of Love from You for Your Birthday. Today is a Hard Day for Your Mom. Watch over Your Special Angel Mom from Your Heavenly Home, as You celebrate Your Birthday with my Sons Brian and Tim and All the Angel Children of the GP Group. Your Mom can remember the Day You were born, as if it were just Yesterday. Be with Your Mom Today, Your Birthday in a Special Way, Joey, She is missing You so much Sweet Boy. Say Hi to my Brian and Tim for me. Terrie, You are in my Prayers today, Joey's Birthday. I remembered All of Your Family, You, John and Jon-Michael in my Prayers at Daily Mass at St.Marys this morning. Hope Your Day will be filled with Memories of All the Wonderful Years and Happy Times You has with Your Sweet Boy Joey. (((((((Terrie & Joey)))))))))) Hugs and Prayers to You, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Joey) and Sean on Earth. I am sure Brian, Tim and Joey have become Great Friends in Heaven. I am sure they are all have an Awesome Time celebrating Joey's Birthday in Heaven. Have a Good Day my Sweet Friend.

09-08-2006 10:19 AM -- By: Shelly Coufal,  From: Huntsville Texas  

Happy Birthday Joey!! your spirit will live on forever here! i know your with your mom and family on this very special day! love Shelly(Craig's Mom)

09-08-2006 9:44 AM -- By: Maureen, Danny's Mom,  From:  

Happy Birthday Joey! May your family be blessed with the precious memories of you through the years. Love, Maureen

09-08-2006 7:07 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From: Maryland  

Happy Birthday Joey. I know it would be much happier if you were here enjoying it with your sweet Mom. Love ya Terrie. Always thinking of you.

09-07-2006 10:02 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Florida  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEY!! May all our heavenly angels help to make your birthday as special as you are! You are so loved and eternally missed by so many. If you happen to bump into Corey and Michelle at your party, would you give them our love?

Love, Donna-Corey's Mom www.coreyandmichelle.com www.mem.com In Loving Memory of Corey & Michelle James 8/17/2003

09-07-2006 9:41 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Florida  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEY!! May all our heavenly angels help to make your birthday as special as you are! You are so loved and eternally missed by so many. If you happen to bump into Corey and Michelle at your party, would you give them our love?

Love, Donna-Corey's Mom www.coreyandmichelle.com www.mem.com In Loving Memory of Corey & Michelle James 8/17/2003

09-07-2006 10:47 AM -- By: Jeri Haffer,  From: South Dakota  

Terrie…..Soon it will be Joey’s Birthday and there are no words that can mend a broken heart, a lonely heart, a heart with a missing part. All I can do my friend is let you know that I am here and will always remember Joey, his Birthday and his precious mother….

09-07-2006 10:08 AM -- By: John Plourde,  From:  

(((Terrie))) My thoughts and prayers are with you as you remember your beloved son, Joseph Marshall on his heavenly birthday. I pray that you feel his loving arms around you and that his memories of life and his eternal love will forever be in your broken, yet loving heart.

Wishing You Comfort & Peace, John Plourde-Danielle Marie's Daddy 1/4/95-2/20/06 (head trauma-motor vehicle accident)

09-06-2006 7:01 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

((((((Terrie))))) I love your site for your precious son. He is beaming in heaven for he has the greatest mom~the mom who loves him dearly! He is a lucky son. I love you friend Lyndie Joey and Joey heavenly buddies

09-06-2006 8:40 AM -- By: Mary C. Hosty,  From: Mokena, Il. SW suburb of Chgo.  

Terrie, Your new page "God only cries for the living"is so special & so heartfelt..thanks for sharing it with all...just want you to know I'm thinking of you & wish your "Mother's heart" much deserved comfort & peace knowing that Joey is already home & one day will be awaiting for your homecoming, with outstretched arms...until then he is safe & at peace in the arms of the Lord... Blessings, Peace Mary, Ray's Mom

09-05-2006 3:30 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Dear Joey,

Your Mom has done such a beautiful job creating this tribute to you. Her love shows in every word on every page. Please send her lots of angel kisses and hugs, especially this week of your Heaven Date and your Birth Date.

Love, Susan Clint's Mom

09-05-2006 2:23 PM -- By: Natalie Camp,  From: McRae, GA  

Joey's site is so pretty. I am sure he would be very proud of mommy. You are with me in my prayers. Just want to tell Joey: "hi Joey, I hate that I have to meet you this way. Stay close to your mom, she needs you and always will til she gets to see you again." Natalie, mom of Anthony Paul Wodzinski


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