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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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08-07-2006 2:04 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Florida  

Hi Joey,

Just stopping by to say "hello" and see what your Mom is up to! She loves you so much and loves working on your website! Please send her some angel kisses and hugs, okay?

Love, Clint's Mom Susan

08-07-2006 1:50 PM -- By: Mary C. Hosty,  From: Mokena, Illinois  

Terrie, What a beautiful boy your son Joey was, & still is beautiful. I sure know how much you miss him everyday that passes. I want to let you know I share your heartache & I am walking this sad & lonely road of grief with you & together we'll get through this most difficult time in our lives. Remember that as long as you're alive, Joey lives on through you,& he will live forevermore in your heart so now you have to live for the both of you & until you meet again, may God keep his loving arms wrapped around your precious son Joey. Blessings, Peace Mary C. Ray's Mom

08-05-2006 9:43 AM -- By: aunt susan,  From: florida  

aunt susan misses Joey every day..every hour..his pictures are all over,and whenever he "visits" me, he moves the pictures on the fridge..he has alot of energy..when you love someone, they stay a part of you..they never leave..their energy gives you the strength to "go on"..........

08-04-2006 3:13 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: El Paso, Texas  

What a wonderful site for Joey dearest! May you feel your mom's love all the way into heaven. Norma Foote

07-31-2006 5:12 AM -- By: shawna,  From: canada  

I came upon this, as I was trying to find a poem for my mom who passed away almost two yrs ago. I think what u have done here is....well I have 5 kids and lets just say..It brought tears to my eyes..I think its wonderful.

07-30-2006 6:58 PM -- By: Linda Lewis,  From: Missouri  

Our lives are forever changed when we lose a chld. My journey has just begun and I pray that I have the strength for the future that you and so many others have shown me. Joey was a beautiful person and my heart hurts in a special place for you and your family. May we find strength in knowing that our children have found new friendships and formed new bonds in heaven just as we have done here on earth. May God keep his gentle, loving arms around you and keep you wrapped in his security. Grant's Mom Linda www.Grant-Lewis.virtual-memorials.com

07-27-2006 7:57 AM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

((((Terrie)))) Just visiting joey's heavenly buddy. You have such a beautiful heartfelt site in honor of your precious son. I am so sorry he is not here physically to wrap his loving arms around you! I always have you close in my thoughts much love dear friend Lyndie Joey and Joey heavenly buddies

07-25-2006 5:42 PM -- By: Joyce F,  From: Wells Maine  

Hi Joey, Boy your Mom has done a great job on your Mem book. I feel as though I know you so well. I hope you and my Joey are good friends and together you are looking down on us Mom's and keeping us safe until we see you both again. If you can come and give your Mom a Big Angel Hug so she knows how special she is to you. :) Hugs to you sweety. Joyce--Joey & Debbie's Mom

07-22-2006 12:00 AM -- By: Shaye Creamer (GP),  From: Salem, AL  

Beautiful Child in Heaven ((Joey)), Send showers & showers of red hearts & white flowers down on your sweet precious Mom and keep her embraced in your glorious wings. Let her always feel your presence around her & keep sending her signs. She loves and misses you soo much. She is so proud of you & I am too. You are so fantastic! Keep those Angel boys of ours in line up there! We miss all our children and they're in good hands now! Keep ever watchful over your mom. Peace, prayers, hugs, love, and blessings abound. Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever (brutally murdered at 17) www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

07-20-2006 3:35 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Terrie, Your Home Page On Your Sweet Boy Joey's Website is Awesome. The Music is really Great, and the Pictures show how very Handsome Your Son Joey was and is. Thankyou for Sharing It with me. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Boy Joey ((((((((Terrie & Joey))))) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Son Joey) and Sean on Earth.

07-19-2006 1:55 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: El Paso, Texas  

Beautifully done. Keep sending your mom those messages!

07-18-2006 2:34 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Hi Terrie, Just visiting with Your Sweet Boy Joey, and I truly believe Joey has become a Friend to Brian and Tim, just as we have become Friends through the GP Group. Truly our Boys had something to do with asking God to bring us together. I Treasure the Gift of Your Friendship. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Son Joey (((((( Terrie & Joey))))) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven and Sean on Earth.

07-18-2006 1:16 PM -- By: Maureen Grey,  From: Littleton, Colorado  


What a wonderful website in honor of your son, Joey..I hope to have more on John's soon. Love and peace to you, Maureen G. John's mom

07-17-2006 7:24 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Hi Terrie, Saying Hi to Joey. I viewed so many wonderful Pictures of Joey and You and Your Dear Family. I loved the Page with Joey's Tree. It is so Beautiful. Thank you for sharing This Beautiful Website You have created with All the Love of Your Mom Heart In Memory of Your Sweet Son Joey. The Music is also Beautiful. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Son Joey (((((Terrie & Joey)))))) Love and Prayers your GP friend, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Son Joey) and Sean on Earth. I am sure Joey, Brian and Tim have become Friends in Heaven just as we have become Friends through the GP Group.

07-16-2006 7:47 PM -- By: Joahn Ferrero,  From: Phoenix AZ  

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. I also lost my son John (Jay) Ferrero and understand the pain and sorrow in your heart. MY prayers are with you may God bless you and your family Joahn Ferrero

07-16-2006 6:53 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From: Maryland  

RIP Joey. Send down your love for all who need it.

07-15-2006 11:58 PM -- By: Tina Eddy,  From: Fayetteville, North Carolina  

I am lost for words. This is an absolute beautiful memorial. I have sat at my computer and just cried. Your love for your precious son just shines in this memorial. Tomorrow, 07/16/06 will be one year that my sister lost her precious son in a tragic car accident at the age of 18. Your website will be an inspriration for her. May God's love and peace continue to embrace you. God Bless You and your family.

07-10-2006 2:32 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Dear Terrie, Just stopping by to visit Your Sweet Son Joey's Website. I viewed the Awesome Slide Show. You have done such a Wonderful Job on Joey's Website created with so much Love from Your Mom Heart. I am sure Your Sweet Boy Joey is watching over You His Special Angel Mom from Heaven. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Boy Joey (((((Terrie and Joey)))) Love and Prayers, Your Friend Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Joey) and Sean on Earth.

07-07-2006 11:38 AM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  

Hi Joey,

Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you are Lukers are having a great time together these days! Love, Kay

07-06-2006 9:59 PM -- By: Vickey O'NealWoodward,  From: Ill.  

Terrie, Your love for Joey shines sweetly on these memorial pages. Joey, give your special Mom a wonderful sign of your love. And, Joey, if you pass my Michelle or my David, touch their spirits for me. I miss them and ache for them as your mom does for you. Thank you, dear.

07-06-2006 2:56 PM -- By: Paula,  From: Oregon  

Joey tomorrow is my first year anniversary of my daughters death, I think of you and am requesting you be her spirit guide I don't think she knows that she has died and I pray she is not lost. Will you look for her and please greet her sweet spirit, We miss her so very much, and I feel so peaceful on your site. Thankyou for being her.

07-03-2006 9:40 PM -- By: Angie Lessick,  From: British Columbia, Canada  

Joey. You are a beautiful young man and your Mom is SO proud of you. If you can, please say hello to Matthew (Matt) for me. Love, Angie

07-03-2006 9:03 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

(((((Terrie)))) What a beautiful site in honor of your handsome son!!! I am so sorry we share this awful loss. I know our sons are together and we will again be with them when we leave this Earth Much love Lyndie Joey and Joey heavenly buddies

07-03-2006 2:54 PM -- By: Monica Davis~Mom to RJ Davis~brutally murdered,  From:  

Happy 4th of July in Heaven dear Joey. YOu have a very sweet mom who misses you dearly. I know you and RJ will have masses of fun with those "heavenly" fireworks!!! You two have probably already put on a beautiful display!!! We miss our sweet boys, and our lives will never be the same. Send your mom some love sweetie, and please tell my RJ how much I love him. In my thoughts always.

07-03-2006 12:44 PM -- By: Paula,  From: Pendelton, OR  

Terrie, Suddenly we find ourselves "date" sensative, missing our angel, our very closest child. I hope as this holiday approaches you find "peace" in your heart. Happy 4th.

07-03-2006 12:20 PM -- By: Joan-mom of Angel,  From:  

Just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July sweetie. I feel such comfort knowing Becky is with you and the other angels. Keeping you in my prayers always !! ((Joey & Becky))

07-03-2006 8:50 AM -- By: Dani mom to Angel Pauli,  From: NY  

Just thought i stop and say hello to Joey! Thinking of your angel. . . .

07-02-2006 5:30 PM -- By: Sharon,  From: Atlanta GA  

Hi Terrie, Just thinking of you much love sharon

06-29-2006 8:18 PM -- By: Shaye Creamer (GP),  From: Salem, AL  

Beautiful Angel Joey! You are a precious sight. Your mom loves you so much! This beautiful site radiates the love just as your beautiful smile radiates the love back to her! Terrie, ((You and your Angel Joey)) are in my thoughts & heart daily. Prayers, hugs, love and Blessings as the 4th of July approaches and our Nation celebrates it\'s independence. How I wish our boys were here to celebrate also. Always, Shaye Mack\'s Mom Forever (Brutally murdered) www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com

06-29-2006 5:40 PM -- By: Dala Norton,  From: Arkansas  

Terri, I was looking for Jackie when I came across this memorial. My heart is breaking into a million pieces right now. You have done a wonderful job, he would be very proud. My prayers are for you & your family. He'll be waiting at that door when you cross, just always remember that.


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