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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

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09-03-2005 7:16 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: ptparker  

Terrie, Sending Lots of Hugs to You and Joey on this Joey's Angel Date in Heaven. May Your Day be a Peaceful One filled with All the Memories of the Happy Times You had with Your Son Joey.I will be with You in Spirit as You Let Your Balloons ascend to Heaven with Your Great Love for Your Angel Son Joey. ((((((((((Terrie & Joey))))))))))))) Love, Pat, Mom of Brian, Tim and Sean.

09-03-2005 6:03 AM -- By: Lynn,  From: lynnjoy04  

Dear, Terrie, John and Jon Michael,
My heartfelt prayers are with you today on your angel son Joey's anniversary in heaven. And also to Jon Michael. Joey's brother.

God full of mercy who dwells on high
Grant perfect rest on the wings of Your Divine Presence
In the lofty heights of the holy and pure
who shine as the brightness of the heavens
to the soul of Joey Whiteman
who has gone to his eternal rest
as all his family and friends
pray for the elevation of his soul.
His resting place shall be in the Garden of Eden.
Therefore, the Master of mercy will care for him
under the protection of His wings for all time
And bind his soul in the bond of everlasting life.
God is his inheritance and he will rest in peace
and let us say Amen.

I wish you comfort and solace,

09-02-2005 10:19 PM -- By: Rita, Josh's mom,  From: GP  

by ~ Linda E. Knight ~

Hold fast to your memories,
to all of the cherished moments of the past,
to the blessings and the laughter,
the joys and the celebrations,
the sorrow and the tears.

They all add up to a treasure
of fond yesterdays
that you shared and spent together,
and they keep the one you loved
close to you in spirit and thought.

The special moments
and memories in your life
will never change.

They will always be in your heart,
today and forevermore.

I will be thinking of you and Joey on his Heaven day. Prayers for the peace only God can give you.

09-02-2005 10:14 PM -- By: Debbie Pilat,  From: luckydlynn13  

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers on Joey's anniversary and upcoming birthday in heaven. There days are really rough and to have them so close together must be very difficult. Sending a giant hug, GP mom, Debbie Pilat "4ever in our HEARTS, Joey and Cory"

09-02-2005 9:16 PM -- By: Susanne,  From: roadrunnerantiques  

Dear Terrie, my thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow September 3rd on Joey's 3rd angel date and for his upcoming birthday as well. May your day be filled with sunshine and wonderful memories of your beautiful boy, may you feel his closeness all day and every day. Joey and Pepper are with you and sooooo very proud of you Terrie for building such a beautiful site in his honor.

09-02-2005 12:32 PM -- By: Joyce A Freitas,  From: sapojc  

For: 9-3-05
Dear Terrie,
My friend, I just wanted you to know that you are
in my thoughts and prayers today on Joey's Heaven Day.
I searched high and low for the perfect poem just
for you. I hope it helps you through the day in some
small way.
May your day be filled with peace and love and
beautiful memories of your precious son Joey.
May God bless and keep you safe for us.
Hugs to you.


It looked like an ordinary, wooden door, unique
only in the fact that it had no knob. As I saw him
walking toward it, my hands turned clammy with fear.
He must have seen the shadow across the door, but
carried on, undaunted. Looking back over his shoulder,
he tossed me a small, wistful smile.
It was hauntingly familiar, that smile, and strongly
reminded me of another time and another door. . .
It was his first day of school, and he had been
childishly insistent that I stay outside the classroom
door. I tried to argue, but he was firm: "Go back,
mommy," he said, "you cannot come with me. I'm a big
boy now, and I'm going to be just fine." He was only
five, but so fiercely independent.
Much too young to leave me, of course, but I had to
let him go. As I stole a last, brief hug, he smiled at
me; a brave, wistful smile that tugged at my
heartstrings. A moment later, the door swung shut
behind him.
Against my better judgment, I groped for the
doorknob. There was none.It must be on the other side.
To discourage overprotective mothers from following, I
thought wryly to myself. Standing hesitantly before
the door, my eyes were suddenly drawn to the tiny,
rectangular window near the top.
How could I have missed it? Cupping my eye with a
trembling hand, I peered in.
It was a delightful room. Large, colorful, animal
and bird posters lined the walls. The desks were
shiny, blonde pine, and blue nap mats
were scattered across the floor. In a far corner of
the room, open cupboards were laden with blocks and
toys. Along another wall, sturdy oak shelves groaned
beneath their burden of brightly colored children's
books. My heart lightened. I knew my child could be
happy in that room.
To reassure myself, I shifted my eye a fraction of
an inch to expand my vision. There he was, his little
hand firmly clasped in his teachers hand. She steered
him toward a group of noisy, laughing children, and as
I caught a glimpse of his eager, animated face, I knew
he was going to be fine; just as he had said.
In time, he would undoubtedly welcome me to his
classroom, eager to show off his new friends and share
his newfound wisdom and knowledge. In good time. I
could wait. . . now that I knew he was happy!
And now, another door without a knob.Far more
The wistful smile lingered in the air as he walked
through the door and out of sight. It swung shut
behind him with a final, dull thud.
He was only twenty-one; much too young to leave me,
of course. I lunged at the door, but it wouldn't
budge. I frantically groped for the knob;
thenremembered there was none.
I was momentarily stunned, but anger soon came to
my rescue. I began to hammer at the door with my
fists. The knob must be on the other side; Someone was
bound to hear me. Nobody would keep me from my son.
In what seemed like another lifetime, I had read
King David's chant in the Old Testament: "I shall go
to him, but he shall not return to me."
David had deeply mourned the loss of his child,
but took great comfort in the fact that one day they
would be together again. I could not exist on this
side of the door if my child was on the other side;
therefore, I would go to him! I would hammer my way
in. Bargain my way in. Weep my way in. Whatever it
My knuckles became raw with effort, but I welcomed
the pain. It was nothing compared to the pain I felt
inside. I would break down this door if it took my
last ounce of strength. I continued to pound, to
bargain, to weep without response. All too soon, I
found myself slumped against the door, physically and
emotionally spent.
Wearily, I examined every inch of the door.
It was still impenetrable, but in my anguish, I had
overlooked the tiny, rectangular window near the top.
Or,perhaps it hadn't been there before. Whoever had
created the door was surely capable of adding a window
whenever He thought the time was right.
I straightened up, and peered through the thick,
opaque glass. If it had been any thinner or clearer,
the light from within would surely have blinded me. As
my eyes adjusted, I gaped in wonder. Golden sunlight
rippled through a meadow of waving, blue flowers, like
the shimmering ebb and flow of ocean waves.
Walking toward me without crushing a single petal
were two men dressed in white. It wasn't difficult to
ascertain the identity of the One; His entire Being
was encompassed in brilliant, white light. Neither was
it difficult to ascertain the identity of the other,
for I would recognize my son anywhere. But, oh! He was
so changed.
Always handsome, he was now radiant; dazzling.
His eyes, almost as vividly brown as the earth beneath
his feet, brimmed with love and compassion. Stretching
out his fingers as though to brush away my tears, he
spoke with infinite tenderness: "Go back, mom," he
said gently, "you cant come with me.
I'm a big boy now, and I'm going to be just fine."
He turned away and firmly clasped the hand of his
beloved new Teacher.
Together, they disappeared into the glorious, blue
I felt an indescribable peace descend upon my
heart. I knew my child could be happy in that place.
In time, he would undoubtedly welcome me to his
kingdom, eager to show off his new friends and share
his newfound wisdom and knowledge. When the door
without the knob would open for me.
In Gods time. I could wait. . . now that I knew he
was happy!

09-02-2005 10:25 AM -- By: Donna-Corey's mom,  From: strikers  

You are always in my thoughts and prayers, but especially tomorrow 9/3 for Joey's 3rd anniversary of his angel date. I know that just 5 days later, it will be his 25th birthday. My heart goes out to you, for I know how difficult these special dates are for us. It must be especially hard to have them so close together.
I will visit Joey's memorial web site tomorrow and I pray that you feel his presence. I'm sure Joey is so proud of you and all that you have learned and accomplished over the past 3 years.
{{{{{{{{JOEY & TERRIE}}}}}}}}}}}}
Donna-Corey's Mom
In Loving Memory Of Corey and Michelle James

09-02-2005 10:20 AM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: agentfoote  

Terrie he was beautiful! I hope and pray that you dream of him. Peace and love to you and the rest of your family.
Norma Foote

09-01-2005 8:00 AM -- By: Lynn,  From: lynnjoy04  

Dear Terrie
I saw in the meoriam for Joseph Marshell Whiteman your beloved son. How awesome! your love for Joey Shines through in so many ways.
I Know how hard these day's are for you. Joey's Angel date and his 25th birthday coming up. I prayer that your special day at the lake with your family will turn out just right.
And all the messages that you attached to the ballons will reach out to many people.
(((((((((Paul & Joey angel brothers)))))))))
Happy Birthday Joey
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

08-31-2005 11:03 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's mom,  From: strikers  

I know I'm a little early, but I would like to wish you a very special 25th birthday. May all our angels help you to celebrate your big day! The past several weeks have been so difficult for your mom and as your birthday and angel day approaches, it is becoming even harder for her. Two such "special" dates, your birthday and your angel date so close together, makes it even more painful for your mom. Please watch over her and if you can take some time away from your heavenly celebration, please give her a sign to let her know you are with her. If I can ask just one more thing, could you give Corey and Michelle a huge hug from me? THANKS!
HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY, JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-31-2005 3:48 PM -- By: Teresa McBride,  From: myangelaaronwithgod  

Dear Joey - I know you are your mom's pride and joy !!! She spends all her spare time celebrating your wonderful life. I see your Heaven Day and Birthday are coming up soon and I know you will send your family many warm memories and feelings to get them through another year. I just want you to know that your mother helps so many people just like herself, that have lost their precious child or children. I hope you have met my Angel Aaron. I know you two could have great times together. On earth he was a quite young man but I'm sure in heaven it's all different. (Terrie - this site is awesome!!!!!!!!!!)

08-31-2005 1:49 PM -- By: Dani mom to ^Pauli^ (GP),  From: lildudet1969  

Terri such a beautiful tribute to Joey!
{{{Joey and Pauli}}}}
Thanks for sharing him with us . ..he is so handsome!

08-30-2005 9:28 PM -- By: joan pina,  From: joanpina  

This is such a beautiful tribute to your son, Joey. He is a very handsome man-you must be so proud of him. I`m sure my Becky and him have met and are watching over us always.

Joan-Beckys mom forever!

08-30-2005 8:38 PM -- By: Melissa Hart RN,  From: MHart41  

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family memories! I did not have the pleasure of meeting Joey, but I now have the wonderful pleasure of taking care of mom as her home nurse. What beautiful memories she has to share!

08-30-2005 7:53 PM -- By: Kay MacKenzie,  From: missingmybuddy  

Dearest Joey, your loving mother has done a wonderful job showing us a beautiful representation of your blessed life on earth. We will all be thinking of you on your birth and heaven days coming up. You are life eternal and I can only hope that you have met up with my Luke and are smiling in the light together.

08-30-2005 3:41 PM -- By: Arlene,  From: dans4evermom  

Terrie ~
I'm so sorry Joey died. I'm so sorry for all the sadness
you have. Feel my (((((((HUGS))))))).
I will be at the Jersey shore on the 3rd.
This is where I feel closest to Danny. I will be sending up
special thoughts to Joey and thinking of you both.
Love you Terrie.
Blessings to you and Joey.
Dannys Forever Mom
2/28/70 ~ 1/10/01 (10:31pm)
non-hodgkins lymphoma
"Walk by faith ~ not by sight"

08-30-2005 1:13 PM -- By: Vera G. Weissman,  From: VGWeissman  

To lose a beautiful, loving son at such a young age is not only heartbreaking, it is something we mere mortals cannot begin to understand. Know that those who love you, like me, grieve and pray he has found eternal peace and that in time you too, can accept God's will.

08-29-2005 11:36 PM -- By: Cherylann,  From: cteboekhorst  

Terrie...this is such a good site, I love coming in here to visit. I hope you are blessed with only joy and happiness - you deserve nothing less!

08-29-2005 8:40 PM -- By: Marilyn (GP),  From: marilyn  

Terrie, I will be away this weekend so I wanted to stop by and tell you that I hope your weekend is peaceful and that you find comfort in your family and friends that surround you during these difficult times.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our souls to dance.
They awaken us to understanding,
with the passing whisper of their wisdom.
Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives awhile, leaving footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

Mom to my Angel Jodi

08-28-2005 8:29 PM -- By: charlane zigmond,  From: cdzigmond  

joey i am so sorry i had to meet your mom this way, but i am glad i did, she has so much love for you her angel. i know you are watching over her, and you know what she is going through just please give her the strenght that she needs to cope with what has happened to you her son, i pray you and shawn are walking the streets of gold sharing the stories of us here left behind until our paths cross i pray for peace love to you and your family angel shawn's mom charlane

08-28-2005 7:01 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: agentfoote  

I just wanted to say he was beautiful, He really resembled his mom!!! I just love the way his presence was and is honored. Sure wish more parents knew what we know, How special are children are and how lucky we are to have them or have had them!

08-25-2005 4:33 PM -- By: terry kopytko,  From: wildandcrazytaz  

I still miss you trouble! Alway's will. I think you took a tiny piece of me with you; hold it tight and remember me always! Love You! Terry

08-18-2005 10:19 AM -- By: PAM CORRADO,  From:  


08-16-2005 10:17 PM -- By: Linda Kay,  From: classylass1  

What precious memories, thanks for sharing them.

08-15-2005 10:50 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: ptparker  

Terrie, Looked at That Picture of the Rainbow in the Sky, and it is truly Awesome. I think I see the Lord with the dark hair too. I believe that Your Angel Son Joey sent you the Rainbow. Thank you for Sharing Your Sweet Angel Joey's Website with me. Much Love and Prayers, and asking the Lord to hold on to You Always, until you once again see your Boy Joey in Heaven, Pat, Mom of Brian, Tim and Sean

08-12-2005 9:14 PM -- By: charlane zigmond,  From: cdzigmond  

just talking to your mom today, she has been a blessing to have in my life. your mom and i share something the love and the loss of our boys. we love you watch over your mom
angel shawn's mom charlane

08-12-2005 12:56 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: ptparker  

Terrie, Your Website is really Awesome, and Joey must be so proud of You the Way You, with All the Love You have for Him in Your Mom Heart, created it. I am sure Your Joey has met Brian and Tim and that they have become Friends just as we have through GP Group. Sending Lots Of Hugs, Love and Prayers to me, My Special GP Friend, Love, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Angel Son Joey) and Sean on Earth.

08-11-2005 11:28 PM -- By: Kirksdad,  From: kirks_dad  

Terrie, It is so hard to understand why we had to be chosen for God to take our kids. I question it all the time. I know you miss Joey as much as I miss Kirk. I guess I have to go with the real fact that sometimes life just isn't fair. Joey's website is super. Just know I understand.

08-09-2005 8:18 PM -- By: Anne Moyer,  From: tmoyer105  

Dear Terrie, Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to Joey. I know how much you have always loved Joey and I remember many times when you were so proud of him in baseball and soccer. Your love and faith are an inspiration to all of your friends. thank you for always being an understanding friend. Love, Anne

08-02-2005 7:07 PM -- By: Mom,  From: reefun  

Dear Joey,
As I look through your memorial book, I sit here and cry, cry for myself, because I miss you so. I know you are at peace, I wish I was. I miss your beautiful face, your teasing ways, your sneaking up behind me and those kisses'on the cheek. It's almost three years and now another cousin of yours has come to meet you, Your cousin
Delores left for heaven on Friday. Give her my love as
I give you mine.

Love, Mom


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