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Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

3 days old




Play Ball


My Monkey


Phila. Phillies


First Bike




First Pony Ride


JM and Me


Daddy and Me


Grandmom and Grandpop


Mom Mom and Pop Pop


Aunt Joan & Uncle Larry


Aunt Susan & Uncle Steve


Marty and Carmen




Heather & Jon


Taylor 2009




Jordan and Pop Pop


Joey and Taylor


Joey and Alex


Mom Mom and Jordan


JM & Joey- Chanukah


Joey and JM-Chanukah


Xmas 1983


JM & Joey- 1984






My Last Present/2001




Halloween- 1984


Halloween- 1985


Liberty Bell-Phila.


Trip to Boston


South of the Border-NC






Me and Grumpy


Port St. Lucie,Fl.


Me and My Mom




Block Island, RI


Amusement Park




Washington, DC


Arlington Cemetary


Nursery School


First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade


Sixth Grade


Seventh Grade


Eighth Grade


Ninth Grade


Tenth Grade


Eleventh Grade


Twelth Grade


Graduation Picture


Pepper and Me


Pepper, Joey, Skylee


Skylee 3 mo,






Puss (Eli)


Jon-Michael & Puss


Joey's last day with Skylee


Last Picture on Deck 9/3/02


Touch Me museum


Washington, DC


Soccer Hayride


Golf ride


School Play


Me the Ice Skater


Little League










Tug Mc Graw's Camp


Me and Tug


Mom and Tug


My first Soccer coach


Harleysville Hurricanes






Home Game


What a Game !!!!!!!


We Are the Champions


Booklet/ Team


Varsity Soccer Letter


My Trophys


Some of the Flowers


Funeral Home


From my Brother


Tree Planting 11/02


First Bloom








End of 2004


First Anniversary


Mom sending off Balloons


My Dad sending me a balloon


My Brother sending me a balloon


One at a time


My Candle at 5:32 PM


JM lighting the candle


My Dad


Dad, JM, and Skylee


Party at Mc Donalds


Chucky Cheese Birthday Party


My 15 th Birthday


My 16th Birthday


Catch this one


My Best Friend JM 9/8/98


My T BIrd


Washing My Car


Mine all Mine


Kelly and Me


Jr. Prom 1996


Class Trip


Me on the Deck I helped Build


For My Mom- Last Card


Nursery School Handprints


My Present to My Mom


My Fairwell


Penn State


JM and Me


Gift from JM


Party Time at PSU


JM's Graduation




Dave Matthews Concert Tx


I Was There


Dave Matthews


My Patches


My Patches


I Drew This and Now it's On JM's Arm




Diggin Holes for Deck


Allen Iverson (favorite)


Candle,Angel, Piggie


My First Stuffed Animal wearing my hat


Phillies Game


Piece of Vet Stadium field


JM and Aunt Susan


Amanda and Me


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