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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002


Before JM left for Penn State- 1995

My visit to Penn State 1998

Graduation- 1999- John, JM, and Me

Racing a car at Disneyworld

Favorite things to do: Going to concerts & sporting events...

Concert Tickets

"Wheel of Fortune"
first TV show
I was in the audience

My favorite singer:
Dave Matthews

Joey's Scoccer Patches

Patches and Keepsakes

One of my favorite things
to do is draw tattoos,
I don't have any,but
my brother had one of
mine,tattooed on
his arm

Another favorite --
Going to sporting events
with my friends

And helping build the deck,
here I am digging the holes

My favorite basketbal player-
Allen Iverson-76rs

Candle, Angel, and piggy bank

My first stuffed animal,
wearing my hat

Vets Stadium

Souvenier before they knocked down
the stadium of the turf in
a box w/picture of us

Peace and Love, Joey
September 3, 2002




Wishes and rainbows and chocolate cake
Visions of hero's, a strawberry shake
Playing with cushions or a big cardboard box
Favorite of all, your colored small blocks

A smile, a laugh... the twinkle in your eye
Trips to McDonalds for burgers and fries
Building a snowman on a wintry day
No one can take my memories away

The first time your rode your bicycle alone
I thought to myself, wow look how you've grown
Roller blades, skateboard. .. or out for a run
You always found some way to have so much fun

Special cologne, mousse for you hair
Favorite Nike's you were so proud to wear
Basketball, football, and soccer too
The years went by fast oh how I miss you

Your first car, your first date... I remember them well
You asking... "Mom, may I have a cell?"
Primping in front of the mirror every day
No one can take my memories away

The last call, and visit will stay in my heart
Remembering your voice...I still fall apart
Tears are a part of most everyday
For loving you deeply...It's the price I do pay

In loving memory of Joey
Lyndie Sorenson
©March 2007 revised July 2009



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