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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Lucas C. Ross

A FEW AFTER..... ....by Christine Ross in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001 A few after..... A few minutes after his birth..... I could hear his announcing scream. I couldn't believe he was finally here, The realization of my dream. A few hours after his birth..... I held him so close to my chest. Somehow that little boy let me see, A special love that never left. A few days after his birth..... I held his tiny little hand. I told him there would be lots of things That I would help him to understand. A few weeks after his birth..... He had that sparkle in his eyes, And when he showed me that little smile, I thought that I would surely die. A few months after his birth..... He was just beginning to learn. He didn't like me to go away, And he cried until I returned. A few years after his birth...... I still couldn't believe he was mine. We talked and laughed and went for walks. We had so many special times.. A few after..... A few minutes after his death..... I didn't know I needed to scream. I thought that he was still safe and here... I didn't know the truth of my dream. A few hours after his death..... I felt a strangeness within my chest. Something was wrong that I couldn't see. God! I didn't know that he had left. A few days after his death..... I held his cold and lifeless hand. There were just so very many things That I could not fully understand. A few weeks after his death..... That sparkle stolen from my eyes, No longer to see his beautiful smile. I never, ever thought that he would die. A few months after his death..... There was so much I needed to learn. I was confused when he went away, And I still waited for his return. A few years after his death..... I still wish that he could be mine, To talk and laugh and go for walks. I miss those special moments in time. A few after..... A few minutes after MY death...... Once again I will hear him scream, "Hey Mom, it's me, I'm over here, And Mom, this time it's not a dream" A few hours after MY death....... I'll hold him close again to my chest. He'll look at me and say... "Now see?", It doesn't seem so long since I left." A few days after MY death..... He will gently take me by the hand, And show me all the glorious things, And help me to understand. A few weeks after MY death..... I'll see that sparkle in his eyes. Once again he'll warm me with his smile, And say... "You see, Mom, I didn't die". A few months after MY death....... Together we'll have so much to learn. We'll never have to go away, Or long for each other's return. A few years after MY death..... Forever he will always be mine. We'll talk and laugh and go for long walks, Because we'll have nothing...... but time. © 2003 - Christine Ross revised 2007













Colby Keegan

True love is what I feel
The first time I hold you
You giggle, grow, so fast, so fun
Colby, my toddler son

Pride for the grand slam
Winning is your smile
Sadness at losing Dexter dog
Counseling by the mile

Skipping down the wooded path
You, carefree, bright and gay
But teachers do not understand
A learning difference doesn¹t go away

Panic first begins in school
Then spreads to all you do
Anxiety soon rules your life
My Colby, where are you?

Playing music sooths your soul
And your talent is so strong
You are smart and kind through all the rain
You smile, but it¹s all wrong

Doctors never get it right
So you take it from their hands
And try to do what they cannot
Your brain, over time, disbands

Life on the street seems your only choice
The illness grows and grows
Everyone so loves you still
But pain is all you know

The big day comes and now you¹re free
You leave me way behind
I don¹t think you planned to go
But maybe it was time

My broken heart will never heal
Life will never be the same
How can I go on without you, my son
So precious is your name

Now I am lost, so all alone
A grandma I¹ll never be
But you, Colby, my beautiful son
Are finally, eternally free






Last night while I was trying to sleep My son’s voice did I hear. I opened my eyes and looked around, But he did not appear. He said: Mom you’ve got to listen, You’ve got to understand; God didn’t take me from you, Mom He only took my hand. When I called out in pain that day, The instant that I died. He reached down and touched my hand, And pulled me to His side. He pulled me up and saved me, From... the misery and the pain. My body was so badly hurt, I could never be the same. My search is really over now, I’ve found happiness within; All the answers to empty dreams, And all that might have been. I love you all and miss you so, And I’ll always be nearby. My body’s gone forever But my spirit will never die! And so, you must all go on now, Live one day at a time,ust understand! God did not take me from you, He only took my hand.

Author Unknown




    I wrote you a letter last night,
    telling you how much I love you,
    and lots of other things.
    I also told you from my heart,
    the sorrow your leaving means.
    I told you that I'm sorry you had
    to leave that way,
    and how very, very sorry I am
    I wasn't with you that day.
    I found a stone this morning,
    lying in my path, it gave me
    quite a start.
    It's smooth and black with a touch
    of gray, like an arrow through
    the heart.
    It's naturally shaped, but if you
    look, it's very easy to see...
    It looks like a heart that clearly
    says...."with love, from Clint
    to me." Mom






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