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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Joey Sorenson

OUTSIDE HIS BEDROOM DOOR I look into his private world Outside his bedroom door A place where he once laughed and lived A place he lives no more The friends that came to visit The bed where he did sleep Tears begin to cloud my eyes I stand as I do weep The desk where he did homework His clothes that he did wear His life that he was living Without a single care Some pictures that were special A girlfriend's secret note His television he did watch... On the table his remote His hats sit on a rack now His helmet from his bike The memories are painful A life I do not like His cologne no longer lingers As it did once in our home Visions of him by my side But I just stand alone His pillow and his blanket Still sit upon his bed Waiting for him to come home Lie down and place his head How I long for him to be here In the safety of his room Nothing to ever harm him Our lives could then resume I look into his private world Outside his bedroom door A place where he once laughed and lived A place he lives no more In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson Revised March 2007


Dear mom....
I see you crying
Again you shed your tears
Hasn't it been long enough
It's been so many years

You know I feel your sadness....
your sorrow and your pain
It's time for you to move on....
start living life again

I want to see you smile
Please end those tears you shed
You need to have some peace now
Not days that you do dread

Someday we'll be together
You'll join me in the light
I promise to come get you...
when the time is truly right

I can't bear to see your sorrow
Just do one thing for me
Remember I am happy...
and totally carefree

My time on earth had ended...
My love for you remains
Tears you shed are noticed....
from this heavenly domain

So if you really love me....
As I do love you too
Stop those tears you shed each day...
Stop living as you do

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies
© Copyright September 2006


Lyndie and Joey
Lyndie and Children

A little bit of magic ...
Might help me through my day
Wishing on a star tonight...
Might take this pain away

Some people speak of miracles...
Why weren't they there for me?
So I often ask out loud ...
was I unworthy?

When handing out these miracles...
I know I begged and prayed
When wishing on that brightened star...
It only seemed to fade

Now I'm left with empty dreams
Thoughts of what might be...
If miracles and magic
Had found it's way to me

Some people say their lucky
A miracle came true...
Hidden deep inside me...
Is my wish that I had you

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies
©Copyright November 2010



This page is dedicated to Joey  Sorenson

The first angel my Joey ever knew.

His Mom Lyndie is more than a friend, she is in my son's memorial book

with all of her wisdom and beautiful poetic words that help make my book

so special.

My friend, my sister in our Grief and our happiness which we will have one day

when we meet our Joey's again and hold them in our arms.

Love You Lyndie,  Terrie forever Joey's Mom

Joey and Joey forever together


Tenth Year Anniversary 2013

Please light a candle in their honor
For the children we have lost
Tears that have been shed each day
Sleepless nights that have been tossed

Our lives that have forever changed
Out of our control
We will never understand this fate
We can never be consoled

... Each day we wake again to pain
That comes from deep within
Unless you've lived this awful fate
You know not where we've been

We will never be over losing them
Tried hard to let you know
That this love will last forever
Till the day on earth we go

We somehow move along in life
This pain right by our side
Grief is now a part of us
Our heart it does reside

Please light a candle in their honor
As we picture them set free
To lose a child is so tragic
This is not how life should be

In loving memory of Joey and all his heavenly buddies

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