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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Kenneth Mack Hillery Creamer

For My Dear Friend Shaye From her loving son Mack Creamer Caution...Confusion... Caution...Confusion..Multiple Contusions... When I'm feelin' the funk, I'm in the zone Beats good, vibes bumpin', Chillin' all alone.. Confusion..Like there's two o' me, Choose one.. 'Tis C-R-E-A-M, just one with a dream.. You don't have to be my friend.. Just tonin' lean, staying' clean... Get your pleasure from my pain.. 'Tis no bling, what green, there's no ice.. Laugh at me..Too much to ask.. Call me names..All 'bout the sun I bask.. You..grovel, with a pack, not so nice.. What's your gain..long-suffering, joy, temperance.. Love, peace, gentleness,goodness..my body is dead.. Faith, self-control but my spirit eternally soars.. Against such there is no law! Dedicated to Kenneth Mack Hillery Creamer, my only child brutally murderd at 17. Mack had originally written as a song~ Converted to poem. @2004 Shaye Creamer


A Lifetime To Miss you..

A special box of memories
A smell within your clothes
A shelf that holds a photograph
A paper you composed

A heart so filled with sorrow
A room where you once slept
A tragic day that happened
A truth I can't accept

A wish that won't be granted
A life left incomplete
A million teardrops fallen
A major life mistake

A smile not forgotten
A voice that can't be heard
A family left with heartache
A good-bye without a word

A question left unanswered
A dream that I wait for
A sign that's sent from heaven
A pain deep in my core

A journey of the heart
A song that brings on tears
A feeling of lost hope
A pain so hard to bear

A cemetery visit
A flower for your site
A thought of you each morning
A prayer for you at night

A laugh I long to hear
A remembrance tattoo
A day a month a year ...
A lifetime to miss you

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies
Lyndie Sorenson
©copyright July 2007


Your first birthday in Heaven
I can picture it so clear.
The Cherubs playing music
Angel friends all gather near.
Have they made for you an Angel Cake
With candles blazing fair?
Will they sing for you the birthday song
because you are so dear?
Will you sing and dance the day away
in gleeful revelry?
Will your booming voice now sing along
in perfect harmony?
Will you look out at the Earth tonight
and wish upon a star?
Will you see the tears I cry for you
'cause I'm not where you are.

Lorraine, mom to Brian and Michael
GP Moderator


I've slipped away in silence...
Into a world unknown
Where pain  lives on inside me
Where I am all alone

Sorrow unforgiving
Deep  within my soul
Without you here beside me
I live some strange new  role

Silence often  deafens
Screams that can't be heard
Madness lives inside me
Without a  single word

Forge on as though some duty
Keep very close control
As  if I'm not affected
Waiting for parole

When tears come to the  forefront
crashing down like waves
Sorrow grabs me tightly
Again I am  it's slave

I try to keep it silent
As though it's some disease
No  one wants to witness
So silently I plead

I silently continue
With  this dreaded thief
Silently in silence...
This never ending  grief

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies
©  May 2008



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