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Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Port St. Lucie, Florida


Through the years we tried to take the children on as many trips as we could afford to.

We spent a lot of time visiting their Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve in their home in Rhode Island.


We visited Block Island, Providence, lots of fabulous restaurants and

Amusement Parks.

Above is Port St. Lucie in Florida, where we went for a weekend, it was a golf trip, where they tried to sell us a time-share.

Wish we had bought one, but we didn't.


South of the Border

On our way to Florida, we stopped in South of the Border, and had a great experience of the south. The boys don't look real happy in this picture, guess they were tired of driving or should I say riding and saying "Are We There Yet"????????????????


Baltimore Harbor

Here we are at Baltimore Harbor, on one of the scenic boat rides, that was lots of fun.


We even got to go on paddle boats, JM with Daddy, Joey with me.

Glad everyone knew how to swim, cause Mom still doesn't.


Disneyworld Orlando Florida


We're here at Disneyworld, Oh was this great, all of the countries, it's on movie film though, but we managed to take some stills.

I got to meet Grumpy and shake his hand.

Down on this page is Cinderella, what a treat, for who?

I think Daddy, and us.

Mom got a souvenier from every country for the Xmas Tree.

The beautiful one from Germany did get broken on the top, but if we ever put the tree up again, we'll find a way to fix it.


Williamsburg, Va.

Here we are in Williamsburg, Va. We got to see how they did things in the years that have gone by . Cooking and fixing horses hooves. Not liking being put in this headgear(lol) much rather it be a helmut, right Joey. BUt you're a good sport.

We'll be in Orlando Soon,


Washinton D.C. Museum

This is one place Joey and JM adored, in Washington, going thru the museum and being able to use all the computerized equipment.


Go Joey Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rhode Island

Now we're in Rhode Island at the Amusement Park where we can have clam chowder and clam cakes, as much as you want.


Now this was fun, fun, fun.

Thanks Aunt Susan for taking all of us there.


Arlington National Cemetary

Here were are at Arlington National Cemetary.

We went to visit John F. Kennedy's grave and our great grandfather and grandmother which weren't far from his.

This was in Washington, DC,


Cinderella at Disneyworld/1990




THANKS MOM           


Tug Mc Graw's Baseball Camp

Now this was a treat, going to Tug Mc Graw's Baseball Camp

and taking pictures with him.

Not very often does a baseball player invite so many kids to teach them all the moves.




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