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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002




April 20, 2003 --


Dear Joey,

To my little angel Joey,
on this Easter day,
I hope you're with me always,
although you're far away.

Someday, I'll see your face again,
light up on Easter morn,
and know how much I love you bunny,
since the day that you were born.
Love, Mom

September 3, 2003- --


And She Waits...

And she waits on the deck and listens for the front door to open again to see her master.
How he loved Skylee, his little pride and joy,
He didn't understand that puppies are like babies, they aren't born grown up.
He was impatient with her, but loving in the same breath.
He cuddled with her and made her feel safe.
I guess she did the same for him.
He needed something that belonged to just him.
He named her, slept with her in his arms.
He left one day, angry with her because she wasn't that perfect puppy yet.
He never came home again, due to an accident, and now with God,
he waits for her, as she waits for him.

March 3, 2003 --


Dearest Joey,
It's been six long months, since you've been gone
We did not say goodbye,
We miss you oh so very much,
Our tears will never dry.
Please be at peace and know we love you,
and that we'll meet again,
To see your face, and hear your voice,
Our love will never end.
Love, Mom, Dad and Jon-Michael

June 16, 2003 --


Dear Joey,

The days are long, since you've been gone
We won't forget that day,
We weren't prepared to let you go,
When God took you away.
I guess that he just needed you, and took you on your way,
But Joey, you are with us, every minute, everyday.
Love, Mom, Dad, and Jon-Michael

September 3, 2003 --


Dear Joey,

A year ago, you went away
How quickly time has gone,
We all still wait and pray for you,
Your life with God, reborn.

Although, we want you here with us,
you are at last at home,
waiting for us, one by one,
Our faithful wondrous son

Love Mom

April 20, 2003 --


"Our Joey"

The most beautiful boy I saw today,
Asleep in dreams, so far away,
God took him there, a year ago,
For what reason, still unknown.

He had some work to do for God,
And there he went, with Golden trod.
I'm proud to say, he went in peace,
Lord knows he's loved, it will not cease.

September 3, 2003 --



You are my inspiration,
Today and Every Day,
The more I think about you,
It's easier to pray.

I pray for all your happiness,
and peaceful being there,
Not far away,you'll always be,
with us everywhere.

You went too soon,
I feel the loss,
But knowing you are safe,
Is more that can be prayed for,
Your tenderness, your grace.
Love, Mommy

September 8, 2003 --


Happy Birthday Joey...

Today's your birthday, my sweetheart,
you'd be twenty-three,
You'd party on, go down the shore,
and live it up like me.

You always knew the best in life,
I'm glad you were fulfilled,
Your happiness, your funny smile,
Will be remembered still.

We'll miss that day, by mourning,
Instead that night, we'll pray,
that not to far from now,
we'll be together on that day.

We love you pickles,
Mom, Dad, and Jon-Michael

September 26, 2003 --



For you our little pepper girl,
you now have wings to fly,
With God you were an angel,
Went we said our last goodbyes.

He needed you much more than we,
With Joey you will always be.
He'll take you in his arms and say,
You were the first, to come my way.

We'll be together one fine day,
but at this time, we'll all just pray.

We love you Pepper,
MaMa, Daddy Jon-Michael, Skylee and Eli

September 8, 2003 --


Happy Birthday Joey,

My angel in the sky,
You're 23, but in my eyes,
a baby in disguise.

I know that you're in heaven,
and watching from above,
and knowing that you'll always be,
the one that I do love,

Happy Birthday my Angel,
Love, Mom


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