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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Trip to Disneyworld 1990

Memories are so sacred...
also bittersweet
For with those sacred memories
Was your life left incomplete

Some smiles and some heartache
A double edged sword
When you only have your memories...
tears can never be ignored

Memories are a blessing....
also painful to ones heart
For with those sacred memories
Is the knowledge we're apart

Living life without you ...
forever will be hard
To wake each day to memories...
leaves me feeling very scarred

Most people are just clueless...
that I travel down this road
Where memories are so sacred...
to this tragic life bestowed

In a moment grief can grab you...
As your memories appear
A special smile or occasion...
an anniversary of a year

I'm grateful for the memories
For the life that we did share
Although with those sacred memories...
Is sorrow I must bear

In loving sacred memories Of Joey and his heavenly buddies
© November 2008


First Pony Ride 1982
My favorite toy
My First Puppy Skylee 2002
Eli (kitty cat)
Hot Tub
My First Bike
My Black T-Bird 1987 BD
My 1st Birthday
My favorite sport
First Soccer Coach

A Plaque for you Sweetheart

I am missing you so badly
My heart can't take such pain
These tears are often endless
I think I'm now insane
While others see me smile..
I still cry behind my mask
I am missing you so badly
Each day is such a task
Years have come and gone now
The world thinks I am fine
I am missing you so badly
It cannot be defined
Your laughter and your smiles
The sweetness in your face
Your voice is hard to hear now...
I'm so scared it has erased
Let me know you're out there
In a place not faraway
I am missing you so badly...
each and every day
In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly  buddies
Copyright 2011


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