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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

I Love You My Joey/ 30 Years



Birthdays come but once a year
With them now come many tears
Not tears of joy or happiness
But tears because you are so missed

The years move on without you now
With each year I still do vow
To celebrate your special day
That is what I'll do today

I will light the candles on your cake
Although inside my heart will ache
Memories of birthdays from the past
How the years went by so fast

I will blow the candles out for you
Dream of what I wish were true
To share this birthday with my son
That wish would be my only one

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies
© January 2007

Thank you Donna for the Kimi







Thank you Steffi
Thank you Steffi
Thank you Steffi
The Real Cake

In the Jewish Religion the Yizkor is the rememberance of all of

 our loved ones. Joey is being remembered by his cousin

Arthur who is in LA California .

This year Joey's memorial day is in between his birthday and

his day of passing on the Jewish Calendar---   2010-5771

I am so proud as Joey is of his cousin, who never forgets him.

Thank you Arthur, Love Aunt Terrie




B)IRTH & (M)EMORIAL DATES  For September 2010

01M Beth Sherrod~Cathy
01M Aaron Shoulders~Steffi
01M Debbie Doughraty~Joyce
01M Kaitlynn Foret~Kerri
02B Emily Renaud~Amy
02B Dustin Marshall Rawls~Patti
03M Joseph Whiteman~Terrie
03M Kelin Barnett~Michael
04M Vernon Lipsey ~ Patsy
04M Lori Sterling ~ Bobbie
06B Levi Zorn~Steve&Debbie
08B Joseph Whiteman~Terrie
10B Ryan Hook~Tami
10B Grace Kelly~Nicole
11B Jared Baker~Lori
12B Robert Rogers III~Julie
12M Donald Herbert~Shari
13M Cordeyae Cooper~Niekes
14B Danielle Monkhouse~Sue
14B David Jugaru~Linda
14B Jamie Britt~Judy
14M Joshua Fritz~Marcy
15B Nelson Minter~Mary Jane
15M Grace Kelly~Nicole
15M David Citron~Sheila
16B Derek Calabro~Marcy
16B Pamela Fountain~Peggi
17B Wally Queitsch~Paul&Teri
17B Brett Jones~Shayleen
17B Jennifer Everett~Dwayne
17B Ashleigh Love~Tammy
17M David Coole~Rosemary
21B Cordeyae Cooper~Nie-kesa
22M Emmy Marshall~Gina
23B Burton Pickle~Patricia
23B Erika Rowan~Jackie
23M Michelle O'Neal~Vickey
24B Brett Bostick~David
24M Kathryn Herbert~Shari
25B Jason Hilton~Edith
25M Stephen Bynum~Dianna
26B Ashleigh Bennett~Jennifer
26B Alison Swann~Eva
26M John Springer~Jean
27B Nicholas Piccolo~Janet
27M Joshua Envil~Laura
27M Angela Kresge~Maria
27M Dustin Rawls~Patti
29B Kayla Mae King~Lynnette
29M Corrina Parslow~Michelle
30B Colby Keegan~Lisa


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