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Memorial created 01-26-2005 by
Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002

Dear Santa can you see me

With tears upon my face

A heart so badly  broken

Missing his embrace


As I write this letter...

to express my  only wish

Dear Santa, please remember

One gift that's on my  list


His smile and his laughter

His hugs and kisses too

Dear Santa  I am pleading

To make my wish come true


I haven't been quite  perfect

I've tried the best I can

But seeing you are Santa

You might  just change this plan


Each day I wake to sorrow

Pain that I can't  flee

Dear Santa I am asking

Could you bring him back to me?


Dear  Santa could you find it

within your warm kind heart

To bring him home for  Christmas

So we won't be apart?


Christmas is the season

Where  wishes do come true

If anyone can do it...

I know it will be  you




In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly  buddies Lyndie © 2007 revised 2009





The stockings were hung by the chimney with care But one special stocking was no longer there All that was left,  were the memories bittersweet Of a life that had ended so incomplete


The family had pictures all gathered around That sometimes made all of them tear up and frown For the sorrow and sadness, without their sweet child Made it so very difficult, for the family to smile


Although there were times when they felt him(her) so close As if they were feeling some kind of a ghost The signs that were sent, were so special and clear...

They felt that he(she) truly was so very near


They often would talk to him(her) as if he(she)was there Sometimes they would smile but also shed tears For each Christmas that came, brought with it such pain They felt in their hearts, would always remain


Then one special moment on one special day

He(She) came to them, simply took them away To fly through the heavens and up to the stars A beautiful place that was not very far


He(She)showed them where they would all join once again A place full of beauty, no sorrow or pain A place where he's(she's) happy with heavenly friends A place where we to will also ascend


They had a big feast that was fit for a king there was music and stories, and many did sing It glistened with color... a prism of light Heaven was such a magnificent sight


After the families visit was through

They no longer felt, so terribly blue

For they finally realized... one day not to far They would all be together on that heavenly star



In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies Lyndie






Halloween night, and the moon is a glow

The wind is howling it's saying  hello

Kids are all running, around through the streets Halloween in  heaven... boy what a treat


Although it is dark there are stars in the  sky The spirits are happy, they soar as they fly Halloween night in heaven  is grand A beautiful time for all in this land


Treats are available to  those that passed old A warm special blanket so they won't catch  cold Little small candies for sweet girls and boys...

And all kinds of  special beautiful toys


The wind is singing it's own special  song Knowing for certain that it won't be long Where everyone leaving  earth will be here Although it seems distant... it really is near


Such  a special wonderful night

When heaven decides to put out the lights So sit  back and listen and look up above...

You might catch a glimpse of the one  that you love


In loving memory of Joey and his Halloween  buddies Lyndie ©copyright October 07 revised  09





Golf Course Resort Hot Tub



Blue skies are forever

Sprinkle in a bit of rain

Colors of the  rainbow

In this Heavenly terrain


Happiness abounds here

True peace,  tranquility

A place to find our loved ones

Free from disability


A  magical place

Where snowflakes drift like stars

Ascending from this  Earthly plane

To leave our Earthly scars


Free to soar the  universe

To be one within the light

Every question has an answer

As our  soul now takes full flight


Our journey has now ended

sweet serenity,  peace of mind

Home from where we started

Leaving sorrow all  behind




South of the Border SC

I believe in a  place...


A place where we are free from pain and  sorrow A place where there is truthfully no  tomorrows A place to find our children that have  left before A place where our spirit will gently  soar A place of beauty and  tranquility A place where we will have  humility A place that we will call Heaven  Above A place where we will cherish and  love A place where sadness will all  cease A place to finally rest in  peace A place where rainbows fill the  sky A place where there are no good bye's A place where light will fill our  soul A place to finally be  consoled A place where we will be set  free...

A place someday that we will  be


In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly  buddies Lyndy Revised ©copyright June  2008






When raindrops fall, I feel you
When morning comes, I see you,
When evening comes I miss you,
When snowflakes come, I wait for you.

When winter comes I'm lonely,
When summer comes I need you,
When spring is here and all seems right,
Rebirth of all that's you.

Love, Mom



Williamburg, Virginia



Wishes and rainbows and chocolate cake

Visions of hero's, a strawberry  shake

Playing with cushions or a big cardboard box Favorite of all... your  colored small blocks


A smile, a laugh, the twinkle in your eye Trips  to McDonalds for burgers and fries Building a snowman on a wintry day No  one can take my memories away


The first time your rode your bicycle  alone...

I thought to myself wow look how you've grown Roller blades,  skateboard... or out for a run You always found some way to have so much  fun


Special cologne mousse for you hair

Favorite Nike's you were so  proud to wear Basketball, football, and soccer too The years went by  fast... oh how I miss you


Your first car your first date... I remember  them well Asking me, "Mom, may I have a cell?"

Primping in front of the  mirror every day No one can take my memories away


The last call and  visit will stay in my heart Remembering your voice...I still fall  apart Tears are a part of most everyday For loving you deeply...It's the  price I do pay


In loving memory of Joey





Rocky Point, RI

Dearest Joey,
Your candle's shining brightly
on the grieving parents site,
Your room is filled with Christmas
Strings,of brightly colored lights,
Our tree is filled with angels,
your name on everyone,
From birth to death I see you,
newborn to twenty-one.

This Christmas Day will be the
same, as the three that have all passed,
You're not here, not in the flesh,
but in my heart you'll last.
I miss you so much, my sweet boy,
I can't imagine why,
how I keep on going year to year,
without your sweet goodbye,
Be happy with the angels,
you've met along the way,
They'll be your friends forever,
Forever and a Day.
Sweet Dreams My Angel,
Merry Christmas


Arlington National Cemetary, Washington. DC

Dear Joey Easter 2006

Keep my memory with you,
For memories never die,
I will be there with you,
When you look across the sky.
I will be there in the clouds,
In the birds that fill the air.
In the beauty of a fragrant rose,
You will find my memory there.
You will find me in the tenderness
of a tiny baby's touch,
You will hear me if you listen,
In the twilights gentle hush,
When your heart is heavy,
And you feel that you're alone,
Just reach down deep inside of you
For your heart is now my home
I always will be with you,
I'll never go away,
For I will live on in your heart.
Forever and a Day.


Tug McGraw's Baseball Camp

It's hard to live without you

My life is not the same

My heart has kept on beating

Although it's filled with pain



My eyes no longer sparkle

I'm worn right to the bone

A world that's all around me...

but I am still alone



No one cares to listen

I keep it hid within

Sorrow that is endless

It lives deep in my skin



Silently I'm grieving

In this world that has no clue

I never will be over...

The love I have for you



I wish someone would notice

Or ask how I have been

As days have turned to years now

I keep it hid within



Never ending questions...

That plague my mind each day

Why must I live without you?

Why have you gone away?




I cry when no ones looking

This sorrow is my own

While missing you forever...

I am missing you alone




In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies Lyndie © August  2010







Far off in the distance

I hear the thunder roar

It echo's deep inside me

I feel it in my core


The wind begins to pick up

Lightning fills the sky

A whirlwind of emotions

I've tried to just deny


the rain begins to drizzle

My tears begin to pour

Somehow the storm has hit me

Grieving starts once more


All at once it's storming

can't see beyond the clouds

The sorrow has engulfed me

It's like a heavy shroud


The storm begins to lessen

the sun breaks through the haze

A rainbow and its beauty

Has brightened up the day


The storm at last has passed me

Sunshine fills the dark

I'll sit in total silence

The storm has left its mark


In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly  buddies Lyndie © copyright 2008













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