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Terrie Whiteman
Joey Marshall Whiteman
September 8 1980 - September 3 2002
Just Born 9/8/80
Beautiful Butterfly
The Family (Both Sides
The Whiteman Pets
The End Joey andJM Peace Valley
Thank you Susan Milam
Thank you Debi Baker
From Ma Ma on your 11th Anniversary

From Sue Milam

Living Two Lives

By Lyndie Sorenson Pavalon



Today someone mentioned 2002

One year before the year I lost you

Time is now measured in a different light Since the day you left me to take flight


You went your way to a beautiful place

I have been left without your embrace

Living two lives ...one before one after Now hold tears... memories of laughter


Each morning I rise to face a new day

Some pain in life can't be taken away

There is never a moment that you are not missed Your big strong hugs...your gentle warm kiss


One day at a time is a difficult task

Emotions are hidden by this tight fitting mask I have lived two lives... one before one after Now hold tears...memories of laughter


How do I go on?... I ask everyday

With a broken heart .. which sounds so cliche Truth is my life will never seem right Until the day, I too take flight


Today I will miss you like yesterday

Tomorrow will be the same as today

Living two lives ...one before one after Now hold tears...memories of laughter


In loving memory of Joey

Lyndie Sorenson Pavalon

February 2007


From Sue Milam Anniversary
Thank you Cindy Lou
With Love From Mom 2013
From Susan Milam Birthday Collage

My Dear Sweet Joey. Well it's almost Thanksgiving, 3 days to go. I know you're missing the best turkey in the world (RIGHT)? I know you have your two little girls there that may be hungry for Mommy's Turkey too. I wish you were here with the girls to lay under the table and wait until something accidently falls, into their mouths, don't you think. I want you to know I am thankful to God that I had you as my son for 21 years and 360 days. Pepper for 11 years and Skylee for 11 years and 11 months. I Love you my sweet son and someday I'll be there to see you again. Be happy, stay healthy and love those girls with all your heart. Love to you from Mom, Dad, and Eli (little kitty) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/25/13

Thank you Christine
2014 New Years Day



Valentine's Day 2014
Present from Sheila R.

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